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22.04.2009 - Bolesne wspomnienia z obozu
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 Dębica is oriented to the development of industry, tourism and recreation, communication, construction and services. The Tire Company „Dębica” S. A. is the larger employer in the Podkarpackie Province and one of the biggest tire producers in the country. It is a subsidiary of the American Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. The take over by new investor allowed the company to reorganize and modernize production technology. Dębica is also famous for another company, Refrigeration Equipment Factory "PZL - Dębica" S.A. – one of the biggest freezer appliances producers in Poland.

 Significant position on the economic map of the town is held by the manufacturer of paints and varnishes, “TBD S.A”, a part of Finnish concern “Tikkurila OY”. Beside companies mentioned above, industrial potential of the town is formed by many other firms, such as: “Trans-Południe” (a logistic and transport company); “Bratex” (a manufacturer of high quality roofing); “Kanwil” (a game processing company); “Animex Południe” (a poultry processing company); “Igloomeat – Sokołów”; Meat Factory Dębica, which is now a part of “Profi” holding. The busiest construction companies are: “Igloobud”, “Pesam”, “Hand – Bud”, “Ocynkownia - Polimex Mostostal Siedlce”; “Ventor” and “Darco” (producers of air conditioning systems);„ Rufus” (a manufacturer of products for aircraft industries); and “Pex-Pool” (a highly regarded producer of generating sets for civil and military purposes). The most dynamically developing companies nowadays are: “Aksil” (a plant of specialized paints and varnishes) and “Ban-Kor-Bet” (a producer of concrete); „Millenium” and „Prografix” (printing houses); and “Gas Trading Podkarpacie” (a distributor of gas). Some companies have moved to the towns outskirts.
Among these are: “Śnieżka” (a producer of paints and varnishes) “Jabo Marmi” (a marble processing company); „Olimp Laboratories” Sp. z o.o. (a manufacturer of sport nutrition and diet products); and “Arkus &Romet” (the largest producer of bicycles and motorbikes in Poland).
Not only production companies are settled in Dębica. Services and trades are widely represented here as well. There are almost 1800 service companies and 1600 firms and retail outlets. Some international supermarket chains, like “Tesco”, “Intermarche”, “Lidl”, “Kaufland”, and “Carrefour”, have their branches in our town. Dębica offers much lower costs of running business and services than big cities.

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