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Sport in Debica

 The town has been investing in development of sport facilities. Today it offers one of the best sport basis in Podkarpacie. Dębica has a unique pools complex: an Olympic indoor swimming pool at Piłsudski street, and summer outdoor recreation pool at Sobieski street. For several years Dębica has hosted prestigious National and World Swimming Championships and Poland Grand Prix. An ice skating rink is available in the same building. Hockey teams from the region can practice there. The rink is also used by figure dancing section of the sport club.

The pools complex hosts European swimming competitions

Many training camps are organized in Dębica. The teams have specialized sports centers, halls and fields at their disposal. Professional sport center in nearby Straszęcin is a training basis for the first division football teams. In the past it was used by our national football team.

Artificial skating rink in Debica

The town has always been proud of its sport tradition. “Wisłoka Dębica”, founded almost 100 years ago, is one of the oldest sport clubs in Poland. Its athletes, especially from the wrestling section, won 40 Olympic, world and European championship medals. 30 years old sport club “Igloolpol” has been a breeding ground for boxing and football champions.

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